Ceramic Painting

About my ceramics. . .  I place my emphasis on creating an original Chinese Brush Painting, with all the traditions, dynasty-old strokes, and symbolism incorporated into each ceramic piece.  I consider the shape of each ceramic piece, to ensure that it is conducive to Chinese Brush style, resulting in a unique and functional work of art.  With each ceramic piece, I mix my own colors under glazes and paint on the green ware, using a traditional Chinese calligraphy brush.  The piece is then bisque-fired to over 1900 degrees.  I then paint 3 coats of lustrous glaze and fire the piece again to 1900 degrees.


The intent is for each ceramic painting to elicit a feeling of dynamic serenity, and balance between tranquility and excitement each time someone views or uses the ceramic painting.  My wish is that each ceramic painting brings the viewer as much joy as it brought me as I was creating it.”   ~ Andrea Allen